My trading rules are just as simple as every one else's:

1.  First and foremost, I prefer trading online, so if you contact me for a trade and have the ability to trade online, let's go that route instead.  Snail mail is still very much an option for me though.  I tend to find online trading cuts down on the costs, which I have to worry about considering I'm a college student.

2.  Audio shows must be lossless, in FLAC or SHN format.  If it is MP3-sourced, I will find out and refuse to mail your discs out.  DVD's must be actual DVD format, nothing VCD-sourced.  It's very easy to find this out as well.

3.  Obviously, if you contact me first, that means you will be sending first unless I have traded with you before in the past.  Vise versa, if I request a trade from you, I will happily send my discs out first.

4.  Please use quality media, even I used to by the "cheap-o" brand because they were on sale.  Do yourself, as well as me, a favor and pick up some brand name discs, such as Sony, TDK, or Memorex.

5.  Burn using DAO, I don't want any 2-second gaps in the shows you send me, I will simply throw them out.

6.  When sending out your discs, don't write on them, use an index card to write down any information regarding the gig that you are sending me, such as the date, venue, city, state, and setlist, if possible.  Generation and lineage is much appreciated as well.

7.  I don't have the time or effort required for any 2:1's or B&P's.

Just follow these simple rules and everything will run smoothly.  I am a nice and reasonable guy, so I'd rather work problems out.  Also, if you are new to trading and need help getting started, let me know...I was once where you are now.