2004-04-04 - Charlotte, NC - Unknown Venue

As I Lay Dying
Charlotte, NC


01. 94 Hours
02. A Thousand Steps
03. Through Struggle
04. Elegy
05. The Pain Of Separation
06. Undefined
07. Distance Is Darkness
08. Falling Upon Deaf Ears
09. Forever

Notes: Filmed from the right side of the stage, towards the back and elevated above the rest of the audience.  A few heads and arms in the way towards the front of the stage.

*Disc includes Every Time I Die and The Black Dahlia Murder's set.

Media Format: NTSC (525/60)
Media Count: 1 DVD
Resolution: 4:3
Type: Audience
Size: 4.3 GB
Length: 31:33
Rating: A

Video Attributes
30 fps

Audio Attributes
(Linear PCM) 2ch 48Kbps 16bps