2004-04-04 - Charlotte, NC - Unknown Venue

The Black Dahlia Murder
Charlotte, NC


01. Funeral Thirst
02. The Blackest Incarnation
03. Thy Horror Cosmic
04. Elder Misanthropy
05. The Swarm (At The Gates cover)
06. Contagion
07. Apex


Notes: Clear sound, clear picture. Man obstructions in this DVD however, shot from the back right and there are a lot of people in the way.

*Disc includes As I Lay Dying and Every Time I Die's set.

Media Format: NTSC (525/60)
Media Count: 1 DVD
Resolution: 4:3
Type: Audience
Size: 4.30 GB
Length: 33:11
Rating: B+

Video Attributes
30 fps

Audio Attributes
(Linear PCM) 2ch 48Kbps 16bps